1951 Willys M38 Military Jeep For Sale

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Actually a Jeep is a pretty simple machine. Easily taken apart as you see in this video done back in 2010

Jeep Videos Found On Line

The Jiffy Jeep Crew preparing for the Virginia International Tattoo. They practicing taking apart and reassemble a Modified M38A1 Willies Jeep in 3 Minutes.

So, can you restore a Jeep. The answer is yes. There are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube dealing with vehicle restoration projects and a lot specifically on Jeeps. A good winter project!

This is a 1943 GPW that my wife [of this owner] and I restored.  It was 70 years old on June 9th 2013.  Other than some sandblasting work on the larger parts and a little engine machining work, we did all the work ourselves.

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